Holland Prize


1st Holland Winner, 2005: Laurelyn Whitt, Interstices 

2nd Holland Winner, 2006: Amy McInnis, Cut River

3rd Holland Winner, 2007: Tom C. Hunley, Octopus

4th Holland Winner, 2008: Gary L. Lark, Getting By

5th Holland Winner, 2009: Robert Cooperman, My Shtetl

6th Holland Winner, 2010: Samuel Stenger Renken, Where to Start

7th Holland Winner, 2011: Dan Memmolo, Fist City

8th Holland Winner, 2012: Richard Car, Lucifer


Logan House asks its readers to congratulate Richard Carr, whose Lucifer has been selected as the 2012 Holland Prize winner.


We had numerous entries this year, and many if not most are certainly worthy of publication. It’s frustrating to publish only one when so many fine manuscripts are available. To that end, you may wish to subscribe to the Logan House Live Poets Society. A large enough base of subscribers will allow us to publish additional books, including some worthy entrants in the Holland competition.


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