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Logan House asks its readers to congratulate Janet Joyner, whose Waterborn(e) has been selected as the 2014 Holland Prize winner. Waterborn(e) will be published later this year.

2015 Holland Prize Guidelines 
Logan House announces the tenth annual Holland Prize for the best unpublished book of poetry in American English. 


The author will receive $500, and the winning manuscript will be published in 2016. Individual poems from submitted manuscripts will be considered for the 2nd edition of The Logan House Anthology of 21st Century American Poetry.


Each entrant will receive a copy of Disciples of an Uncertain Season and Other Poems by Larry Holland, for whom the Prize is named, as well as a copy of the winning book.


Manuscripts should be 60-80 pages and should be submitted with a $25 reading fee and SASE for prize announcement to

Logan House
Holland Prize
321 Logan Street
Wayne City, NE 68787

Deadline TBA.


Manuscripts will be recycled.  


The Holland Prize is dedicated to publishing the best manuscript that comes across our desks, irrespective of the poet’s subject, style or geography. 


Friends and close associates of Logan House are not eligible for the contest. 


For additional questions email us at info@loganhousepress.com


Holland Prize


1st Holland Winner, 2005: Laurelyn Whitt, Interstices 

2nd Holland Winner, 2006: Amy McInnis, Cut River

3rd Holland Winner, 2007: Tom C. Hunley, Octopus

4th Holland Winner, 2008: Gary L. Lark, Getting By

5th Holland Winner, 2009: Robert Cooperman, My Shtetl

6th Holland Winner, 2010: Samuel Stenger Renken, Where to Start

7th Holland Winner, 2011: Dan Memmolo, Fist City

8th Holland Winner, 2012: Richard Carr, Lucifer

9th Holland Winner, 2013: No Winner Selected
10th Holland Winner, 2014: Janet Joyner, Waterborn(e)




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